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06 Abr 2020

Salmon recipe

Today we will prepare salmon in a healthy and delicious way. INGREDIENTS for 2 people: 2 salmon loins clean of…

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01 Abr 2020

Long Island Ice Tea

Ingredients: 15ml of tequila15ml of vodka15ml of white rum15ml of triple dry15ml of gin15ml of lemon juice 30ml of syrupA…

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27 Mar 2020

Ale vs Larger

We finish the series of beers talking about another delicious category. Become a beer expert !!!! Barley beer is made…

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26 Mar 2020

Get to know Wheat Beer

It is necessary to see beyond barley malt and hopped beers, so here are some of the characteristics of Wheat Beer:…

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25 Mar 2020

Beer types

Do you know the types of beer we have at MURPHY´S? Ale type beer: beers that use high fermentation yeasts.…

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24 Mar 2020

Bloody Mary at Home!

A rainy Tuesday and without being able to go to Murphy '… but we offer you an infallible remedy !!!…

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